Keith Steven Caplan as Roger Daltrey

New Jersey native Keith Steven Caplan plays the role of lead singer Roger Daltrey to perfection, capturing Daltrey's powerful, yet sensitive voice, mane of blonde hair, and chiseled physical presence.

Chris Guida
as Keith Moon

The spirit of Keith Moon is channeled by Pittsburgh native Chris Guida, who drives the band as he emulates “Moon The Loon’s dynamic, freewheeling, stick twirling, powerhouse drumming.

Alf James
as John Entwistle

On lead bass as John Entwistle is Toronto, Canada native Alf James who plays "Thunderfinger's" signature Spider bass with total authority and is the stoic, anchoring cornerstone of the group.

Donny Evo
as Peter Townshend

Hailing from Brooklyn NY, Donny has toured all over
the US with such musical luminaries as Geoff Tate of Queensryche, Roger Fisher of Heart, as well as Foghat and The McCoys. Donny is a lover of all things guitar and is obsessive in his pursuit of the perfect guitar tone for any situation.