A Note Regarding Videos
The Who Invasion was founded in 2017 by Keith Steven Caplan, who portrays lead singer Roger Daltrey, and Alf James, who portrays bassist John Enwistle, with one mission: To provide an unrivaled musical and theatrical production of The Who in their prime.  Keith and Alf continue the relentless pursuit of that mission today with Chris Guida portraying drummer Keith Moon and Brien Thompson portraying guitarist Pete Townshend.  As with any theatrical production, cast members have changed over the years, with the present cast being the strongest and most authentic tribute to The Who ever assembled.  Due to the COVID 19 crisis and the stoppage of live entertainment during 2020, the videos presented below were filmed in 2018 and 2019 and may show prior cast members.  We look forward to our upcoming live performances and brand new videos.

The Who Invasion - Las Vegas

House of Blues

General Promotional Video